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Universidad de Antioquia Thesis Template
Universidad de Antioquia Thesis Template
Author: John Liaperdos (ioannis.liaperdos@gmail.com) Last update: April 28, 2015 Description: Provides an example of a PhD Thesis for Universidad de Antioquia using the teipel-thesis-en pdfLaTeX class. Character encoding: UTF-8 use the "modern" or "classic" option to switch between a modern or classic font, respectively. add/remove the "hyperref" option to enable/disable hyperlinks: (remember to remove auxiliary files after adding/removing the "hyperref" option). add/remove the "printer" option to typeset a printer-friendly (grayscale)/color version of the thesis. use the "watermark" option to indicate a draft copy of the thesis use the "histinit" option to enable "historiated initials". (If used, all chapter initials declared by the \InitialCharacter{} macro are enlarged. If ommitted, arguments of \InitialCharacter{} are typeset as normal text.) use the "plain" option to disable tikz graphics in title page and part/chapter headers (might help to avoid compilation timeouts). Note that "plain" disables CD label and CD cover creation. use the "noindex" option to (hopefully) avoid compilation timeouts when compiling online (disables index generation - note that "\indexGR", "\index" invocations need not be removed when toggling this option). use the "frontispiece" option to typeset a frontispiece at the back of the cover page use the `letter' option for a US letter page layout, instead of A4 \documentclass[modern,hyperref,watermark,histinit,frontispiece,plain]{teipel-thesis-en}
John Liaperdos

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