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  • Overleaf Server Pro 3.5.2 is now available

    Posted by Paulo on March 9, 2023

    We have another update to our latest Server Pro release — Overleaf Server Pro 3.5.6 is now available! This release includes a script to cleanup legacy history data. You can find further information in the official release notes.

    We’re pleased to announce that Overleaf Server Pro 3.5.2 is now available!

    It is mandatory that this upgrade is made in preparation for the 4.0 release to avoid any potential upgrade or migration problems. We have some highly requested new features in 4.0, so we encourage you to prepare now.

    The 3.5.2 release includes the Full Project History feature that is already available in our SaaS offering, and brings several improvements for users:

    • Tracks changes in binary files, which was unsupported in the legacy system
    • Support for labels on project history versions
    • Increased system robustness, decreasing chance of data loss

    After upgrading your instance, all new projects will use Full Project History by default (unless opting-out, see environment variables in Configuring Overleaf). Existing projects will continue using the legacy History system, until they’re migrated. (These legacy projects will also need to be migrated before upgrading to 4.0.)

    » Full Project History migration instructions

    This release also ships with official support for S3-compatible object storage. This can either be a self-hosted solution, like or, or AWS S3. The S3-based storage backend can optionally replace the local fs/NFS storage backend.

    You can find a wiki page on setting up S3 in Server Pro and another wiki page describes the migration process for moving existing data into S3.

    With S3-compatible object storage support we have laid the ground work to allow for horizontal scaling of Server Pro, look out for news here soon!

    You can find further information in the official release notes.

    How do I upgrade?

    Existing Server Pro customers

    If you’re an existing Overleaf Server Pro customer learn how to get your new image upgrade for Overleaf Server Pro 3.5.2 here.

    Community Edition users

    For those of you self-hosting our Community Edition, you can upgrade via Docker.

    Instructions for installing the Community Edition or upgrading your current installation are available in our Quick Start Guide.

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