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  • Get your Ducks in a Row this Year with our TikZducks Customizable Calendar & Fun Project

    Posted on March 13, 2020

    Even though we’re well into March, it’s never too late to get organized! And what better way to do it than with these super neat customizable calendars for 2020, plus we’ve a fun little TikZducks project for you to play around with, both created by Lian Tze from our support team with a little help from our TikZducks and TikZlings friends.

    Customizable Calendars

    The customizable calendars support different languages, colours, illustrations and can be marked up with events & date ranges - making them perfect for tracking your submission dates!

    Tikzducks Customizable Calendar

    There are three different types of calendar available:

    • The default-sized calendars print 2-up on A4-sized papers and should fit CD jewel cases
    • The "small" calendars print 4-up on A4-sized papers and should fit 3.5" floppy disk cases
    • The "giant" calendars are full-page A4-sized.

    Find more information about the Overleaf TikZducks customizable calendars, make your own edits and download them as a PDF for your office/study wall.

    TikZducks Fun Overleaf Project

    With five example ducks, we’ve created this fun project to give you a kick start to creating your very own TikZducks in Overleaf. We’re really looking forward to seeing the ducks you create - so don’t forget to share them with us on Twitter @overleaf or Facebook using #OverleafDucks.

    A Brief History of TikZducks

    TikZducks is a labor of love from its original founder and creator Sam Carter, and the ducks themselves are created using a few different packages. She explains:

    “The ducks mostly consist of basic geometric shapes drawn in TikZ. The more complex shapes are first drawn in Inkscape and then exported to TikZ paths using the SVG to TikZ/PGF extension.”

    We were able to create our ever sought after Overleaf duck using the TikZducks package and it caught the eye of Sam Carter and we are delighted to say that it's been added to the TikZducks package!

    You can find a comprehensive guide to Sam’s TikZducks here.

    Overleaf TikZduck

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