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  • The latest TeX Live 2015 is here!

    Posted by John on November 27, 2015
    TeX Live Logo

    The latest TeX Live 2015 is now running on Overleaf[1], and it brings many updated and new packages! Yay!

    • fixltx2e is now loaded automatically, so you won’t have to load this yourself.
    • updated minted: you can now use \mintinline and escapeinside
    • tcolorbox, which lets you create pretty boxes!
    • reledmac, which provides the new, improved version of eledmac and ledmac (for typesetting critical editions).
    • PGF v3!
    • pgfplots: axis cs is now the default coordinate system
    • many new font packages, e.g. carlito
    • many new babel language packages
    • improved bi-directional text handling in unicode engines (XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX)
    • improved support for sans serif math fonts (using the mathsf package)
    • biber/biblatex update (solving some bugs in TL2014)

    Lian Tze's excellent CD calendar projects are also now much cleaner and lighter without the extra package files :)

    Your projects should compile as normal, although in some cases you may start to get error messages about problems with your .toc, .aux, .bbl that weren’t there previously. If you come across these, try clicking on the “recompile from scratch” option at the bottom of the error message window, which will force these output files to be re-generated using the updated packages.

    If you’re still having problems, just drop us a line!

    [1] We generally track the TeX Live that comes with the latest stable release of Ubuntu Linux, and this brings us up to date with the new one (wily) that was released about a month ago.

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