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Values that are important to us

Overleaf's success is driven in large part by the strong ethos and shared philosophy of our team. It's why we can support a community of over 16 million users, who love the platform, and it's how we've grown rapidly into a sustainable, market-leading business.

In late 2018, with input from our whole team, we decided to write out a short set of core values for what it means to be part of Overleaf, and how we wish our company to be seen by our users, customers and partners.

It’s impossible for this short list to represent every value that’s important to each of us at Overleaf; we all have many nuances and individualities that make us who we are. Even so, there are themes that run across the whole team and underpin everything that we do, right through the company.

And so, without further ado...

At Overleaf, we aim to be...

Friendly, open and approachable

if we can help, we do.

Collaborative and innovative

with a love of science & learning.

Trustworthy and professional

but not corporate.

Sustainable, scalable and reliable

both as people and in our tech.

Making our users’ lives easier

by putting the user first.

Remote-first and flexible

to working styles & personal lives.

How we put these together

Although Overleaf is remote-first, with all founders and staff working remotely, we also have an office by Farringdon station for those in the London area, and we get the whole team together in London several times a year for face-to-face time. We held a session (with cake!) during this company get-together in October 2018, and followed up with all those who couldn’t be there on the day to give us input from everyone. This was then all collated together, and the six points above represent the six main themes that emerged from those discussions.

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20181001 125141-crop-med-3 Photos from the Overleaf team meetup in London in October 2018